Farmsurge Creating a direct access to Farmers

Farmsurge brings difference in farming by providing farmers with timely access to farm inputs, farm services and market linkages. All this is possible by partnering with agri businesses. Our platform helps you to decide how, where, and when you earn.

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Farmsurge creates direct access to farmers easily.

Why list on Farmsurge?

No matter what kind of product or service you have to sell or buy with farmers, Farmsurge makes it simple and easy to work directly with farmers. You’re in full control of your inventory and prices.

Forward & Backward Linkages

Farmsurge offer a market place to connect with farmers directly and engage them for both forward & backward linkage. If you want to sell product or services or buy from farmers, we make it simple.

Frequently Asked Questions

Got a question? We've got answers. If you have some other questions, visit our support center.

It’s easy to become a Farmsurge Agri-Business partner in our operational areas, and it’s always simple to create a listing of product or service which you either want to sell or buy from the farmer. You can be farm input seller like seeds, fertilizers or farm equipment and others, farm services provider like farm equipment rental provider, farm adviser, soil testing labs, farm workforce, and others or you can be buyer/trader of farm produces like mills, exporter, retail stores, restaurants or food hubs and farm to fork business are just a few of the agribusiness partnered on Farmsurge.
For more details on what’s expected of agri business partners, you can contact our business development team, which revolves around quality, reliability, and transparency standards, which help agri business earn great farmer reviews.
Currently, signing up for Farmsurge and listing your products/services is completely free as an initial offer. Once you receive a booking we charge a Farmsurge service fee per booking, generally 2% of bill amount, to help cover the cost of running the business but this might change depending on product & services. We also have offered monthly subscription based listing. You can upgrade or cancel your monthly account at any time with no further obligation.
The price you charge for your listing is completely up to you. To help you decide, you can search for comparable listings in your city or neighborhood to get an idea of market prices.
Of course! We’re happy to offer a free plan for anyone who wants to try our service.
Farmsurge a destination to directly get involved with farmers, partner with us today.

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