Deciphering the Last Mile of Indian Agriculture

Farmsurge, farmers’ last mile connect will act as a direct link between farmer and key agro-stakeholders with technology playing catalyst. The digital platform is an attempt to provide a solution to key problems marginal farmers face in Mangalore region.

Born and brought up in an agrarian family of Dakshina Kannada district, popularly known as Mangalore region, we are aware of struggles faced in agriculture field. Though the district is termed progressive, the villages here are geographically diverse and isolated. Gradually, agribusiness in the district grew with several self-sufficient agriculture farms coming into existence, yet marginal farmers’ owes in particular; and agriculturists in general continued.

According to intensive field study undertaken by us, we have identified the region’s specific farmer problems. The factors are listed here below:

  • Lack of information flow to farmers
  • Lack of timely availability of quality Farm Inputs, Farm Services & Market Access
  • Migration of the farm workforce mostly to larger cities such as Bangalore in search of lucrative opportunities  
  • The increasing cost of farm maintenance as labor migration meant increased investments on buying, renting or repairing farmland equipment among others
  • Lack of proper handling (cleaning, sorting, grading, and packaging) at the farm gate or village level
  • The farmers’ market linkages (both backward and forward) has not kept pace with continuously expanding market size

Therefore, the development of the digital platform – farmsurge, farmers’ last mile connect by four like-minded entrepreneurs is an attempt to provide a solution to such crucial problems.

About farmsurge – Blending Agriculture with Technology

This platform acts as a direct link between farmer and key agro-stakeholders with technology playing catalyst. It addresses last mile connectivity issues of small farmers by providing on-demand booking solutions for farm inputs, farm services, and farm produce market linking.

Farmsurge booking platform operates through a dedicated dual delivery mode of mobile application and village level service delivery centers. The purpose here is to connect farmers directly to agribusiness, thus creating a win-win scenario for all the stakeholders, who will get a higher margin.

The aim here is not only alleviating farmers’ problems and addressing their day-to-day needs but also help increase their income. The whole idea of conceptualizing farmsurge is to apply scientific research and knowledge to agricultural practices so as to encourage farmers to achieve maximum out of existing resources and restore the degraded lands. This is made possible through Farmsurge Sampark Centres, an end-to-end village-level farmers’ service points. The centers help in promoting agricultural productivity, enhancing food security, improving rural livelihood and promoting agriculture as an engine of pro-poor economic growth. Services such as farm equipment rentals, farm labor management, group buying or distribution of farm inputs and local pick up and collection services among others are custom-made to address the local demand.

Farmsurge app – Making Professional Farming Possible for Everyone

Farmsurge app is a mobile booking application with varied features and design that is simple and easy to use. Here below are the features of the application:

  • On-demand bookings
  • Market Price & Updates
  • Easy Payments
  • Location-based Solution
  • Resource Sharing
  • Explore Farm Needs
  • Group Buying
  • Notifications
  • Rating & Reviews

Thus, farmsurge is an attempt to augment current farming practices and provide an impetus to farming as a profession.

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